Mummy literally refers to a dry corpse. The ‘mummy’ originated from a Persian’s word ‘muniai’, which means ‘wax.’ Ancient Egyptians used the specific preservation spices to preserve the body of the death. They believed that the soul of the dead people will not disappear but they will dwell in the statue or the corpse. Therefore, the body of Pharaoh was made into a mummy after his death.


Originally, mummy referred to asphalt meaning a non-decomposed body. Large amount of mummies with the most complicated technology in their making have been found in Egypt. When Egyptians made a mummy, they used an iron hook to extract the brain marrow out from the dead person’s nose nostrils. Then they stuffed the empty side in the brain part with drugs for cleaning purposes. Next, they used a sharp stone knife to cut through the abdomen in order to remove the entire internal organs. After that, they cleaned up the abdomen. Some coconut wine and mashed spices were filled in the abdominal part before knitting it closed. After completing this step, they placed the mummy inside the alkaline powder for 70 days. After 70 days, they cleaned the mummy thoroughly. Then they wrapped the mummy with a fine, white linen bandage from the head until to the toe. The exterior part of the mummy was then painted with a type of tree’s latex as a substitution of a glue gum before giving it to their respective relative. The relative would then put the mummy into a specially created human-shape box. Finally, they put the mummy in the tomb by placing it upright to the wall.

The Making of a Mummy

Such expensive ways to handle the dead body was generally applicable to the Pharaoh, the prestigious officials and the rich people. The poor had a very simple approach of making the mummies that consumed only a small amount of money. Egyptians used a cathartic cleansing agent to clean the abdomen before soaking the corpse in an alkaline powder for approximately 70 days. Later, they took out the corpse from the powder and let it dry out naturally in the wind before burying it in dry sand dunes.

Regardless of being rich or poor, each dead body has to be made into a mummy in ancient Egypt. They believed that the body and the soul constituted human beings. Even if the soul was in hell, they still need their own dead bodies. As long as the dead body was preserved, the soul can be sheltered in its body, and they could undergo reincarnation for the purpose of rebirth.

10 mummies that are important and valuable to archaeologists

The ancient Egyptian mummy is the most famous mummy in the history of humankind. Its discovery has aroused worldwide attention, as its discovery is as important as the rise of Washington, Lincoln, Alexander or Keliaomotela mummies. This mummy also led scientists to carry out an unprecedented test and scientists keep on asking,” Can the modern science and technology manage to duplicate such ancient Egyptian mummies?”

Otzi Iceman mummy is a historic mummy, which was thought to be 5,300 years old and the first ever recorded in the human history. During the cold age of prehistoric time, this mummy was murdered. This iceman mummy indicates that the victim did not die due to an accident. Apart from the Alberta Gaiyin murder case recorded by the Bible, this mummy is probably the oldest evidenced murder victim.

This is Nordic marches mummy found lying on the ground. Its body cramped with wrinkles and its red hair looks as though it is a devil. It was a sad event that this mummy was given as an offering to an ancient God. It proved to us that the legendary alleged living offerings did exist in human history long ago.

New Croatia mummy dates back to the 18th dynasty Pharaoh of ancient Egypt (from about 1361 before 1352) and before the arrival of the era of Latin America thousand years ago. It had told that most Chile’s fishermen used cruel methods to create extremely exquisite mummies. They peeled off the dead human skin without thought, as a female would take off her long pants or long thin socks.

Franklin mummy is one of the three British sailors that were created into frozen mummies. This mummy described the secret tragic event occurred at sea. It keeps people wandering why fully equipped vessel with the most advance technology, carrying 129 Franklin expedition team disappeared miraculously in the sea and never returned home thereafter.

This is a Soviet Socialist Father’s mummy called Lenin’s mummy. Its making is still a mystery, as this mummy remains a top secret of Russia. As Russia is a very mysterious country, some of her secrets may amaze the world.

This is a Greenland mummy ranked seventh among the mummies. This mummy preserved underneath a layer of iceberg and snow when found by the archaeologists. Its 100-year body described how people in Arctic struggled to survive their lives in the extreme cold weather.

This is one of the Inca mummies’ sleeping children. The Inca people killed him in order to present him to their Inca ancient god. Some of them had cruelly bashed their children’s heads until injured or dead while others had their throats cut before burying alive. The killing of Inca’s children explained how Inca people sought the god’s forgiveness by offering the innocent children’s lives to the supernatural power five centuries ago.

This female mummy is an indication of the tragedies found in the infidel war. Her terrified expression from her impeding death has shaken the community of England. England’s doctor, Andrew Yienmaike said this mummy appeared tender and in complete form when found. People can even slosh her arms and her fingers curve flexibly.

This is a Xinjiang mummy discovered in the Taklimakan Desert in Western China. The discovery of this nomadic mummy had rewritten the cultural exchanges of the East and the West of that time in the China history.

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