The dinosaurs are vertebrate animals that dominated our planet for over 160 million years ago. It is said that they first appeared on our land 230 million years ago. Our attention was drawn to the dinosaurs after watching the blockbuster science fiction film entitled Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993. By the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago, they had experienced a catastrophic extinction. How often have you wondered what happened to the dinosaurs? Do you know what factors contributed to their rapid extinction? Now, let me tell you my theories on behalf of their rapid disappearance from our Earth.

The dinosaurs seemed to have been the victims of raining meteorites before they could attend the emergency class held by their ancestors. The meteor attack was not wholly an incidental event in their world. Instead, its attack was too sudden and inevitable for them to even have enough time to learn to run away from this scary calamity. Well, the blame should go to the dinosaurs as they were not alert to rescue themselves during the critical moment.

The second theory is that the dinosaurs were hit hard by an extremely cold wave during the prehistoric time. At that moment, our earth was not very warm. Most of the animals including the dinosaurs did not have enough time to go through a thorough evolution process. Not much hair had grown out on their bodies. No wonder they disappeared from our Earth so fast! As their bodies have very little hair, how could they stand the cold? Their physical properties were denied and they could not survive in this extreme weather. That’s why they collapsed to the ground helplessly.

Perhaps the dinosaurs had their lives placed at a greater risk and they burnt to ash in a volcanic eruption event. They were unable to run away from this natural disaster as they hadn’t been put themselves into an army-like harsh practice and training to cope with this sudden disaster. For them, the fire that was spilled out of the mouth of the volcano could be a nightmare in their lifetime. Further, the fire balls that were shooting high up into the sky can be as destructive as the atomic bomb. So, how could they prepare for the scary scene of the volcanic eruption before their innocent lives were taken away?

The dinosaurs were submerged and drowned in a mass tsunami. The force of the tsunami is always unprecedented, so it would be too vulnerable for such creatures to fight against its super powerful strength.

The dinosaurs were starving when their foods were found to be scarce. When there was a lack of food, they fought each other in order to maintain their survival. In this extreme and competitive environment, some weaker dinosaurs died of hunger or were slaughtered by the competition for the remaining food. Fighting for food occurred frequently among their populations.

There had been a scary fight held among the dinosaurs. They fought each other so as to dominate the territory. Imagine that even a small creature like an ant will declare the war to “imperialize” their colonies and “kingdoms.” The war among the dinosaurs community must be the most destructive and yet interesting. Perhaps, the World War II among the human beings was indirectly inspired by their war affair.

The dinosaurs suffocated by the gas passing among their species. This deadly gaseous had them suffocating to death. We, as humans, are educated to be alert regarding the harmful impacts of gasses that pollute our atmospheric environment, but how could the dinosaurs know about this? They didn’t know how to read and write as they were totally blind to symbols and written words.

There were several prehistoric nuclear wars held among the humans. The dinosaurs must have been killed in these wars. Why do I say so? Human footprints were discovered in within the layer during the dinosaur era in which they dwelt in many million years ago.

The dinosaurs are actually not extinct from this community. They were only brought away by the powerful tornado to be transferred to another unknown space. Because the Gods wanted them to disappear from this lovely planet, the Gods have asked the supernatural forces to transfer them to the unknown world for a new post. Due to this reason, the gods have let them fly out of the Earth earlier than other animals on Earth.

We used to think that the dinosaurs had faced extinction. However, this belief is incorrect. The dinosaurs are not actually dead. They are still alive. You may ask me where are they now. Well, they have been kidnapped by the aliens to be put in their zoos. As these aliens have the similar interest as humans regarding dinosaurs, they might have invaded our planet in order to steal the dinosaurs before we humans discovered them missing.

Wow, this is like writing a fiction story! You might suspect me to ponder imaginatively to the story about the extinction of the dinosaurs. I am wondering, if our time can be reverted to the past million years ago, I really would like to explore the world of the dinosaurs to find out the hidden facts about them. Nevertheless, in reality, the time cannot be reverted. But, one fact is clear that my mind has reverted to the era of the dinosaurs when this article was written. The exploration that I ventured through the different “mind-space” was indeed intoxicating! I have completed this exploration to understand more about the dinosaurs before I get back to you. Thanks God, for this enjoyable journey!

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