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Food and Nutrition

Nutritional Quickies For Plant-based Milk

Take a glance at the goodness of plant-based milk. These plant-based drinks are certainly great for maintaining a healthy body. Plant-based milk is a good alternative for animal-based milk....
Opinion and Issue

Why Suicide Must Not Be Encouraged?

  The loss due to suicide leaves behind a void and loneliness in the hearts of friends, parents, caretakers, teachers and anyone who know the victims at some time...
Child Health and Safety

How To Prevent Choking In Children

Here are useful tips to prevent choking in children. Use these tips to keep your children safe while playing with toys. It is very common for children, especially the...
Products, Items and Shopping

Interesting Facts About Dates

  Some interesting facts on dates you may not know about. Dates can ease your hunger as well as give you a quick boost of energy. They are loading...
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