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Interesting Facts About Bats

  Bats are unique mammals that can fly. How much do you know about bats? Worldwide, there are about a thousand species of bats, and they represent a quarter...
Food and Cooking

How To Make Tasty Potato Chips

  It is relatively easy to make potato chips. You need 3 potatoes, a pinch of turmeric powder, a pinch of pepper, oil for deep-frying and a pinch of...
Home Care and Home Improvement

How To Replace A Fused Light Bulb

When the light bulb suddenly goes out and turns black you can’t see anything around you. And at this very moment you have no idea what to do. Do...
Food and Nutrition

Six Heart-Healthy, High-Protein Foods

  Have you ever wondered what foods are heart-healthy and higher in protein. Find out more details from this article. The following foods pack on a hefty amount of...
Hair, Nail and Skin Care

Natural Remedy For Hair Loss

  Troubled with your hair loss? Do not worry. Here, are some tips to deal with your hair loss. Nowadays, many people are facing a problem with hair loss...
Food and Cooking

How To Make Delicious Okra Curry

  Okra curry is a perfect match for plain rice and even for brown rice. It will certainly open your appetite to eat. Try making some today! Okra curry...
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