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今天是农历九月初九重阳节,念诵报父母恩咒:南无密栗多 哆婆曳 莎诃(nā mó mì lì duō duō pó yì suō hē)经云:依慈父悲母长养之恩,一切男女皆安乐也。多生累劫之父母恩重难报,却无以为报,则有佛教报父母恩咒,每日念诵报恩咒可报父母恩,现存父母延寿,去世父母超拔。祈愿天下的父母健康长寿!欢迎转发 利益众生。
Health and Wellness

18 Ways You Can Ruin Your Immune System

Human immune system is indeed amazing! It’s actually a group of cells that communicate via chemical messages to regulate your bodily function. Strong immune system is an essential requirement...

The Adorable Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are both cute and adorable animals. Learn some of their interesting facts here! Hello, I’m a hedgehog, and my nickname is =^..^=. I’m going to tell you my...
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