Hedgehogs are both cute and adorable animals. Learn some of their interesting facts here!

Hello, I’m a hedgehog, and my nickname is =^..^=. I’m going to tell you my story. I snuffle and snort. You may not like me, but I like myself. This is a REAL of mine. People say that I’m smelly. Well, I do have smell and stinky….but strangely, human likes my little one.

When I was small, I looked like a tiny pink blob. My mom nursed me with love until I’m big enough to eat slugs.

My back is covered with prickly spines. Now, forget my snuffle. Forget my snort. And never mind of my unbearable smell. I’m CUTE, right?

I’m a prickly little wild animal and I’ve a close relation with the mole. I live in many parts of the world, primarily in Britain. Do you know that I’m a superstar in a story of “The tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle”? In this story, my friend was described as a kind person. She took good care of Peter Rabbit and many other animals by washing their clothes. Today, I’m honored to have a place in Buckinghamshire which named on behalf of my species as St. Tiggywinkles. It’s a hospital that takes care for wildlife. The uncles and aunties at this hospital are very kind and helpful, because they nurse injured and sick animals with proper care and love. They’ve helped snakes, deer, birds, toads, hedgehogs and many other animals. When we, animals are healthy, they’ll put us back to the wild.

My spines are useful. They protect me from the attack of the enemies. I’m proud with my spines as they help me to survive in a competitive world.

Suppose that a hungry wolf is walking near me. This guy might want to eat me up. So, I’ll immediately roll up myself in a tight little ball. I’ll launch my “missile” by having my spines stick straight out all around. I’m pretty sure that Mr. fox can’t eat my prickly ball! If he tries to eat me, he’ll get a painful surprise!

I’ve a strange habit. If I find something interesting, or something with a new scent, I’ll lick the object until it foams at my mouth. Then, I’ll spread the foam all over my body. Why? It’s my secret. I can’t tell you.

I sleep all day. It’s my culture. That’s why you’ll see me curling up under bushes and hedgerows. I’ll wait the night falls patiently.

When the sun sinks, I’ll come out to hunt for food. I usually feed on insects, but my favorite snacks are slugs, worms, snails, and bird’s nest. Sssh…, be quiet! I found something there. Yummy, yummy! I’m ready to gobble up my favorite food, a snail. Don’t be surprise, my dear friend! I make a lot of noise while snuffling around to hunt for my food.

In order to search for food, sometimes I may have to walk a mile far. However, I seldom do this. I prefer to spend my whole life in the same area. I may even climb a wall, or any obstacles that block my path, and even swim across the water in search for food!

I took my first step here…but thing has changed…I’m still watching my legs…I hit the wall, I touch the sky, but disappointingly I can’t change what the world has changed ….I’m asking myself how long can I stay here…

I’m standing alone here. What do I suppose to do? Tell me, please!

I hate that I’m being imitated by any means.

Unlike other animals, I’m not afraid of people. Human likes to put me in their palms, under their legs, and some even place me on their beds.

I like to spend my time eating as much as I could, particularly during the autumn. I’ve to fill my stomach with adequate amount of body fat before the arrival of the winter. This is important to help me survive in an extreme cold weather.

Sometimes, I like to play with a dandelion. It’s so fragrant! I like this amazing smell! Haha…I’m also enjoying the smell of your smelly sneakers!

When winter arrives, I must “die temporally” or scientist says “hibernate”. So, I’ll build up my lovely home with dry leaves, before having myself curling up in a ball shape. During this period, I’ll sleep just like I’ve died because my body temperature will drop. At the same time, my breathing will be slowed down or even nothing. I’ll once wake up again when the winter had passed and the warm spring has arrived. Waking up with an empty stomach, I’ll feel VERY HUNGRY. And here comes my strange habit- snuffling around for my BIG MEAL.

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