When people reach old age, some flat patches will slightly “bump out” in their appearance. The spots are beige, brown or black in colors. These flat patches or spots may appear on anywhere on the body but are commonly seen on the faces, neck and hands.

One will neither feel pain nor itchy with these age spots (lentigines or seborrhoeic keratoses) around his body. Though the spots cause no harm to our body, they might be a signal to some underlying health problems.

The occurrence of spots is always related to an abnormal change of skins and heredity factor. Once they appear on the body, they never go away naturally. However, the spots will never turn into malignant cells so old people do not have to worry of getting cancer. The age spots need no treatment but the changes of lifestyle and diet is essential to reduce its occurrences. Do not scratch the spots with fingers or poke them with the needle. Also, do not simply apply corrosive and irritating medicines on the spots as this will worsen the internal structure of the skin.

People with age spots should avoid exposure to UV sunlight by wearing a hat with a wide beam or a cowboy-type hat. Additionally, make sure the daily diet is high in raw organic fruits and vegetables, whole grain, cereals, seaweeds but limit caffeine and carbonated drinks, fried foods, animal protein foods, red meat, junk foods, sugary and tobacco products. The intake of grape seed is also essential in helping to prevent and reduce the formation of age spots.

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