The yo-yo is a favorite toy and it is also the oldest toy ever made. Do you know some amazing facts behind this Yo-yo?

Did you know that the yo-yo is the oldest toy in the world? Yes, children all over the world have favored this toy and many have played with it many times. As early as 500 B.C., the yo-yo was around in ancient Greece and by that time it was originally made from clay. Nowadays, a yo-yo can be made of fiberglass, plastic and even from the aircraft aluminum.


Most Filipinos call it ‘yo-yo’ which means ‘come-come’ and it was said to be used as a weapon by warring tribes around the Philippines. A Filipino immigrant who called himself Pedro Flores popularized the yo-yo in America. Since its debut as a commercial toy in North America, the yo-yo has become a significant icon to young generations all over the world.

Corporate giants including Coca-Cola have also contributed to popularizing the yo-yo craze through the channel of international competitions.











It is said that spinning a yo-yo incorporates both physics and science. Further, the gyroscopic effect of the yo-yo enables plenty of tricks to be performed. Up to date, there has been more than 400 recognized yo-yo tricks published in ‘how-to-yo-yo’ manuals and were posted on the internet.

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