You may have watched a fiction movie on a famous wizard, Harry Potter, who’s good at playing tricks towards the monsters and unknown objects. Like Harry Potter, chameleons are the best magician in the animal kingdom. They can play LOTS of tricks too! They change color almost in a sudden!

Chameleons have long been popular for their tricks as they can change color easily. But actually, chameleons are amazing in other ways, because they can perform a good role play as a natural magician. And color change is not the only tricks chameleons can do. They can perform other unique tricks too!

There are about 90 different species of them. Some can be measured as long as your arms, or as short as your thumb. That explains that why sometimes you observe chameleons to have a couple inches long, while some may reach to a couple of feet long. They dwell in warm regions, primarily in Asia and Africa.

Even though most chameleons are found in brown or green color, you can also observe some with their bodies appearing red, black yellow or blue.

What so special about this chameleon? It’s its bulging eyes, which are covered with scaly lids. If you observe chameleon closely, you’ll come to notice that its eyes can move in two different directions, almost at the same time.

Chameleon says: Don’t trick me! When one of my eyes is looking at you, the other eye of mine is looking back, so please don’t play dirty trick on me.

Most chameleons prefer to dwell in trees, and most of the time, they’ll coil up their tails. If they want to grip tightly to the tree, they’ll normally wrap their tails around the branches. To climb, they use their gasping claws, which enable them to move swiftly and effectively. Their long tails also assist them while moving around the different surfaces encountered on earth.

A change in temperature or light can cause a color change of chameleon. The chameleons tend to have darker color when they are exposed to warmth and sunlight in their survival surroundings. Nevertheless, their colors become lighter in coolness or under shade.

Mood also causes chameleon to change color. When they’re angry, their colors tend to be darker, but when they’re afraid, their colors tend to be dull and lighter. The change of color isn’t really magic for chameleons as it’s due to layers of color cells located onto their skins. Since each layer in the cells has different pigments, or chemicals which can create color, the pigment will shift with the change of moods, light, warmth and temperature. In conclusion, their patterns and colors can change anytime, almost in the blink of eyes!

The chameleon says, “Hi, human, see my spell! I’ve turn into another chameleon, hahaha…”

Do you know that chameleons have a secret weapon? They’ve very sticky-tipped and long tongue! The hungry chameleons wait at the strategic location patiently. When their prey passes by, they will shoot out their powerful tongues to catch them, just like they’re shooting their prey with a powerful GUN. They then swallow the prey in whole in a tremendous manner! It’s scary, right?

Male chameleon prefers to attract their mates with SPELL. They use the spell of color to attract the female chameleon. Color wars happen very often in the world of chameleons when they try to scare each other by turning into bright colors.

These animals are amazing. They’re famous animal magicians that could perform many tricks. Not only they can change color, but they’re amazing in other ways, too.

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