Our body needs the antioxidants to fight off the “free radicals” (these substances are obtained either via foods or the environment around us, and they tend to cause the oxidation and breakdown of our cells). If our body is lack of antioxidants, these free radicals take a shortcut to cause a domino effect in cellular damage which will then prepare a quick “circuit” for “aliens” like cancer, aging and many types of diseases to colonize your “territory” (body). However, the presence of “good guys” (antioxidants) will help “compromise” (neutralize) with these damaging “culprits” (free radicals). Diets rich in antioxidants come mostly from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The antioxidant and vitamins found in tomatoes and leafy vegetables help boost immune system, and delay the corrosion of aging cell membranes, while vitamin B help protect your heart. By increasing the intake of fresh plant-based foods (not the processed), you gain benefits of cancer-fighting phytochemicals, fiber to maintain the colon health and modulate blood sugar, and bone-saving calcium. The best thing of eating plants is that you won’t carry an overload belly or buttock (without getting fat). There’s no doubt that plant-based diet can benefit your body with the age-reversing effects.  Why eating too much animal-based diet is not good for you? Read Eating More Meat Causing Bad Mood.

Whenever possible, choose those foods that are pesticides and herbicides- free, and don’t dump these scary chemicals inside your body. Your body is not a cemetery to bury these chemicals. In other words, choose organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables for your optimum health and longevity. Restrict yourself on the intake of refined sugars and processed starches, and be sure to replenish your body with plenty and adequate amount of fresh, purified alkaline water.

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