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Most people can speak very well, but they will become nervous when they are asked to deliver a speech on the stage. Facing a crowd, they lost confidence as their facial and verbal expressions become very strange and unnatural. They behaved strangely as their mind lost control of their speeches and behaviors as they are facing with extremely huge pressure from their crowd.

Do you realize that each of us has a potential to be a good speaker? You may gaze at me strangely and ask me why? Speaking in front of an audience will not be a tough job if you develop appropriate skills when giving a speech. In conclusion, speaking in front of an audience can be an easy task. Just follow these tips on how to speak well in front of an audience:

  1. Grab the attention of the audience in the first few minutes with a question, a comment, a funny experience or a story. This will help you to connect immediately with everyone in the hall. This initial step will also assist you to make your audience feel comfortably, relax by developing good relationship between you and your audience.
  2. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Never put in casual attires as this will give your audience bad impression and image towards you.
  3. Present the desired image and speech to your audience. Never copycat other speakers’ works.
  4. Speak calmly, slowly, loudly and clearly. Never mumble. Never giggle while speaking.
  5. Look into the eyes of your audience. Try to make as much eye contact as possible as this will put you at ease and finally you can deliver your speech in your desired manner.
  6. Deliver your speech with facial expressions and intonation. Raise or lower your voice where necessary. This will help to grab your audience’s attention effectively.
  7. Your body language is important. Standing, walking or moving about is preferred to sitting down or standing still and reading from a prepared speech.
  8. Key your body flexible. Do not stiffen your arms, legs and shoulders.
  9. Ask questions to make your speaking session interactive and attractive.
  10. Use visual aids, power point presentation, picture, diagram or etc. to make your message clearer and interesting.
  11. Straight to the points so that your audience can understand what are you talking about.
  12. Bow politely or express your gratitude to show your appreciation for your audience’s support and presence at the end of the speech.

The last word I would like to emphasize here is “practice”. Repeat to practice the above effective skills can make you become perfect and finally you can get your audience noticed and grab their attentions easily. As you go through the practice for some time, you can probably become a very good and well-known speaker. Cheers!

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