In reality, no matter how well-known you are, you may be tested by a trying condition creating a hardship where you need to perform dialysis as a temporary solution to combat your kidney failure. Here are some practical and effective ways to help you deal with the tragic incidence. These suggestions may sustain your life for many years to come.

Despite your many successes, your body undergoes severe strain during which you were diagnosed with kidney failure. In reality, no matter how well-known you are, you may be tested by a trying condition creating a hardship where you need to perform dialysis over three times a week. However, dialysis is only a temporary solution to combat your kidney failure. Even though kidney transplant may not be a complete cure, it is the only long-term solution to deal with kidney failure that may sustain your life for many years to come.

After the kidney was transplanted successfully into your body, you still need immunosuppressant medications for your entire life to help ensure the donated kidney is not refused by your body. After coming through this battle, you should make the most of your days and treat it as the second chance that had saved your life!

Next, you need to learn to be careful of food that you put into your mouth! You should be aware of which foods will nourish your body and which ones will zap your strength. You might think of denying food that may harm your kidneys. It is advisable to go for low protein diet. Learn to say “no” to food that harms your kidney even though it is your favorite food. That means you should stick to a strict diet plan so that you will not have to pay too high a price for ignoring your kidney health.

The damage caused by kidney disease is irreversible and the kidney condition will only worsen over time if left ignored. Thus, you should take any intervention program including nutritional and medical planning to help delay the need for dialysis. In case you are diagnosed with early-stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD), you should do your utmost to take good care of your tiny bean shaped kidneys!

In case you are diagnosed with CKD, you have to realize the importance of collaborative care while managing your CKD. In this matter, you need to raise your awareness and recognize symptoms or signs related to CKD. You should pay special attention to this kidney disease even though you may have developed early-stage CKD and seek medical assistance immediately! Do not wait till the disease progresses to a later stage to seek for medical treatment!

You need to know that diabetes mellitus, obesity, family record of CKD, hypertension, age (above 60 years old) or frequent drug intake of nephro-toxic drugs can put you at higher risk of kidney failure.

As high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are two common causes of kidney disease, you need to maintain your kidneys in tip-top condition by preventing the onset of high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus in the first place. Optimal blood sugar control (for those with diabetes mellitus) as well as optimal blood pressure control will help reduce the risk of getting kidney disease.

Apart from high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, obesity is also identified as a cause of kidney disease. Thus, you should maintain ideal body weight by adopting healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and proper diet. This in turns helps you reduce the risk of CKD.

Go for health screening to detect the presence of kidney disease at its initial stage. Urine test for example is one of the most common tests used to look for protein while blood test is used to analysis for kidney function. To detect CKD at its early stage, blood pressure checking is also very helpful. Most patients with early kidney disease have high blood pressure to start off with.

You need to seek a doctor’s approval prior to using any alternative medicine. You need to make sure if the use of this medicine can cause damage to your kidney. Well, this may not be easy to determine by yourself as most of the alternative medications or treatments do not specify their ingredients or contents clearly. In any case, you are advised to use your current medication prescribed by your doctor that may have been proven to be effective. It is always very risky to try alternative therapies or treatments that have not been proven to be beneficial to your kidneys. Always talk to your doctor prior to beginning any medication.

Be careful of the use of certain drugs. Pain killers like NSAIDs and traditional medication without have their contents specified clearly are nephro-toxic (meaning they are potentially toxic) to your kidney. In contrary, the use of drugs like angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) as well as angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) is considered to have kidney protection effects. Use statin drugs to treat your high cholesterol. In either case, please talk to your doctor before taking any drug.

Refrain from taking alcoholic drinks and quit smoking!

Of all, the kidney disease preventative methods the best one is by preventing medical condition (s) that may contribute to the occurrence or progression of kidney disease.

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