Happiness is a sincere caring from a mom.

From the day of the birth,

She takes over the sacred role to bring us up,

She cares each of her flower bud day and night,

And with her endless love and sacrifice,

The fragile life begins to bloom into a perfect flower.

Happiness is a wonderful gift.

Just like the charming season,

Adds in variety colors of rainbow into the deadly world,

And brings in many enjoyable moments,

That enlightens the world with joys.

Happiness is a moment called for a mild fragrant odor.

Quietly and peacefully it delivers to the door of our heart,

To be accompanied with a bouquet of elegant fragrance,

And a cup of thick delicious tea,

That dissolves the soul completely among the words of the poem.

For a lover, happiness is a box of chocolate.

That creates many touching stories,

To the excitement of being loved,

By incorporating two loving souls with a big hug,

And the collision of two hearts are intensified,

In the name of LOVE and CARING,

To be witnessed by the God of Happiness.

Happiness takes the color of GREEN.

As this color can’t be rejected by those who wish for the best,

Even the better life can’t miss the GREEN,

Fresh and refreshing air,

Bring us back to a healthier lifestyle.

Happiness is a road leading to the forest.

That commutes more people who desire to follow,

To meet the wonder hopes and dreams,

And lets our broken life,

To be built up with worn-out tools.

Happiness is a path to the Pure Land.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city,

That dissolves the soul into a patch of field,

Covered with the pure and sacred snow white,

To the world of blessings,

And no step had trodden black,

And there will be a bright and glistering beam,

Waits for us forever………

Happiness is a jumping spirit.

That releases the souls from being jailed,

With a better grasp of the beauty of freedom,

And which returns the spirit to its perfection.

Happiness is a moment to listen to the whispering of the wave.

That touches our tender hearts,

To let go all afflictions and agonies,

By filling the unforgiving minute with every sixty seconds,

Worth of distance run and strong belief,

And thus I wish to put Mr. Happiness in our hands,

When the moment we age,

We still come to the beach to listen to the rhythm of the waves.

Happiness is a hope in our hands.

To where a seed is germinating,

Ours is the bed to grow and everything that’s in it,

To be developed into a miracle event one day.

Happiness is a promise between two souls.

That willing to venture into an undeveloped land,

With a blessing from the Mother Nature,

To have a spirit touch within 2mm distance,

With no suspicious and hatred till life ends.

Happiness is a strong faith on GOD.

The blessing is bestowed by HIM,

By putting a pure seed in our heart,

By singing songs of blessings,

In order to be blessed by HIM forever,

To be seasoned by confidence and courage.

Happiness is to lend ears to others.

Sitting patiently to listen for the speech,

That makes the different between each other,

And makes the border becomes narrower,

And finally leads us to a path of peaceful land.

Happiness is a sincere care from a friend.

Always there to give a hand,

Always there to laugh, and to cry together,

But never breathe a word about our loss.

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