Do you think you’re blessed with abundant highly -refined/ processed foods? Yes, your taste buds have “an enjoyable moment” to “enjoy” the “feast” with “strange taste” deriving from these abnormal foodstuffs, but in contrary, you’ve unconsciously put yourself to a dilemma of being deficiency in the nutritional fiber, which will definitely cause an imbalance state of your digestive system.

What do you understand as a dietary fiber? It’s a substance that is stored in most plants and due to their structural complexity, so it’s hard to be broken down by the human digestive tract enzymes. It’s also found to have contained neither caloric nor nutritional values. If so, what on earth is this dietary fiber for your health? Its presence is deemed necessary to stimulate your intestinal peristalsis. This is particularly important when the food is being digested while traveling through the intestinal pathway. The contact with the body cells and tissues in this pathway helps extract out cholesterol, fat, lipid, cancer-inducing agents and other toxicological substances, which of course, reduce the rate of the occurrence of intestinal, colon and rectal cancer.

Furthermore, when your body assimilates sufficient amount of fiber, your stomach will take longer time to discharge its contents, giving you a feel of satisfying, comfort and energetic while promoting weight control. This effect will also decrease the absorption rate of cholesterol and triglycerides, and cutting down your tooth decay as well. So, make sure that you eat appropriate amount of dietary fiber to credit your body with this good score.

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