Dwelling in this artificial environment, we get sick easily. Our environment and foods have been modified drastically from its natural property, until one day, we’re alerted to have a relatively low immune system.

Due to the rapid progress in food industry, food chemistry and food processing technology, you can’t avoid yourself from eating these processed foods. From the snack foods, cakes, biscuits, instant foods, fast foods, and etc, and almost to everywhere you dine, either cautiously or incautiously, all the foods you eat are packed with food additives. These so-called food additives are claimed to be added to the foods for the purpose of adding aroma enhancer, coloration, preservatives, stabilizers, anti-oxidizers, and seasoning. Apparently, these food additives are widely used in the procedure of food preparation, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and storage. It’s inevitably from being accidentally eating such foods! That’s why I always encourage people to detoxify their bodies for the overall health performance.

Well, the problem does not just arise from these food additives added foods, as our markets nowadays, are always flooded with synthetic chemical added foods. That is to say, food additives and synthetic chemical substances have seen to design to extend a product’s freshness and period, or to make the color, aroma, flavor more appealing to the consumers. None of these artificial substances entail health benefits. Instead, they may be dangerous cancer-inducing agents. Though the government, organization or institution has listed the legal standards in governing the usage of food additives, there are still certain amounts of these “deadly” substances that will pile up gradually in your body as a “nuclear reactor” that might “explore” at anytime and at anyplace. Therefore, if you want to prevent these chemical toxins from entering your body, the appropriate way is to cut down the consumption of these foods.

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