Black Lenses of the World

Here are some perspectives of looking the world through the black lenses of the cameras. After looking at those photographs, what do you feel and what do you think?

Heather Mcclintock – United States

Photograph shows a great compassion of a mother.

Resting on my mom’s leg though not as soft as a mattress, but I feel convenient here. Mother’ love is indeed priceless.

Karl Hoffman – United States

Photograph shows a theme of non-discrimination.

Different hands were put on a handcuff with equal treat.

Richard Mills -Iceland

Photograph shows the scene of an injured girl in an earthquake in Pakistan who was in anesthesia after the amputation surgery.

People are emotionally torn by the tragic event.

Julio Hardy Spain

Photograph symbolizes the meaning of the real life.

We think it is evil, but she thinks she can rescue the truth. Sometimes, the white is buried beneath the black.

Soren Froberg Switzerland

Photograph shows a fear towards the diseases.

The arrival of the scariest infectious diseases had brought nightmare to people’s life. Facing these diseases, human become so fragile and terrified.

Adam Hinton –United Kingdom

This is a slum seen in Brazil.

Kids here do not know what a slum is; they thought here is their “theme park”.

Eva Arnold – Hungary

Photograph shows a funeral of a Hungarian’s boy.

Kid, walk slowly, you’ll see a bright light, perhaps there’ll not be as bad as you thought like this world.

Paul Hardy Carter United States

Photograph shows a beach packed with people.

People sacrifice for their own needs, but God sacrifice for all.

Hillegas-David- France

This lonely old woman received a government’s relief fund.

Hmmm…… there’re so many lonely and abandoned people in this world who really needs this relief badly to survive.

Adam Hinton – United Kingdom

Photograph shows a sleeping baby in a cradle.

No matter how fascinating the outside world is, I’m not willing to wake up.

Rina Castelnuovo – Israel

The boy is swimming in a dirty reservoir.

A Palestinian boy is swimming in a reservoir contaminating with algae in his village. However, he mistakenly regards this unclean reservoir as a swimming pool.

Rina Castelnuovo – Israel

Photograph symbolizes peace and war.

The West Bank village is cruelly separated by a concrete wall with bundle of wires fencing on top of it.

Clemens Kalischer – United States

This is a loving couple.

I can think of the most romantic moment- I’ll slowly grow old with you and love you forever no matter how your skins changed your appearance.

.Michelle Breust – Australia

This is a slum seen in Hong Kong.

A dirty scene really makes people ache to see.

Stephan Jouhoff – Germany

Photograph shows a Lisbon rogue.

At his young age, he has touched with packs of cigarettes. What’s wrong to our world? Is this a reflection of our education failure?

Francisco Mata Rosas – Mexico

Photograph shows an obvious restriction in freedom.

Human is not much different than animal, and they may have discriminated and slaved in such terrible manners.

Jan Smith – Mexico

Photograph shows lynching as punishment being held among the innocent lives.

Oh, so terrible! Are there any laws to protect human’s life? Can our lives be taken for granted?

Jan Smith – Mexico

This is an ugliest childhood that is not being blessed.

With such terrible childhood, can our children grow into caring and healthy citizens?

Charlotte Oestervang – United States

People show tribute to the death.

Friends and relatives bow sincerely and respectfully on behalf of their beloved one who died in the earthquake.

Happy Walters – United States

Photograph shows a fate of a little girl.

She is wondering about the street as she has no home to return. She was abandoned cruelly as she was regarded as an illegal child. How often do people pay attention on the children wondering around the street?

Glenn Williams – United States

This is an imperfect hand.

Can the imperfect be a measure to mark a different perception on the issue of equality, racism, famine and human’s right?

David Wallace – Australia

Photograph shows a deep devotion in religion.

A sincere devotion is the highest virtue in the history of the human’s evolution.

Eugene Zaikonnikov – Norway

Photograph shows people are in a happy mood.

In a year, how many opportunities do we’ve such laughter and joyful moments? Have we always immersed in a sad moment?

Shel Secunda – United States

Photograph symbolizes a real life people come across every day.

Is there any difference between these people who sit on the same long bench? Why shall we recognize color as we’re shade under one same sky?

Heike Bohnstengel – United Kingdom

Photograph shows a person surviving on flute performance by the roadside. The dog has been a good companion to him.

In this world, unlike human, pet will accompany you no matter you’re rich or poor.

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