Immune system plays a vital role in our body as it helps us to build resistance against diseases and prevent illnesses. There are several steps that we can take to boost our immune system.

Firstly, we must get enough sleep. We need to rest our body in a leisurely manner and avoid stress for at least six to eight hours daily. Sleep disorder or insomnia reduces the quality of sleep and thus reducing the strength and functionality of our immune system.

Secondly, we must drink plenty of water. By drinking six to eight glasses of water daily, this will help to flush out toxins from our bodies. We must also steer clear of coffee, tea and carbonated drinks.

Thirdly, we must eat well. We should increase organic fresh fruits and vegetables and multi-grain meals in our daily diet and cut down on frozen, processed and fatty food. Besides that, we should reduce the intake of animal protein rich food. Quit smoking and limit alcohol consumption. Do not overeat or force yourself to eat more when you are full. You should always avoid heavy meals and drinks in your daily diet.

Fourthly, we must practise good hygiene by washing our hands after visiting the toilets and before meals. When we wash our hands, we also get rid of germs that might infect us with illnesses.

Fifth, we need to exercise to boost our immune system. Exercise is good for health. It helps to strengthen our bones and muscles, and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Lastly, we should control our emotions as it will affect our immune system. Person with hot-tempered character will always have relatively low immune system. Negative emotions such as angry, envy, hate, selfish, fear, stress, panic; depress, disappointed, dismay, sad, hopeless, pessimistic and etc. are related to low immune system. In contrary, optimistic, happy, cheerful, confidence, kind, gentle, humble, calm, tranquility, relaxing and etc. can indirectly boost up our immune system. Practise positive thought instead of negative thought in whatever you do is another way to boost your immune system up.

To conclude, we should follow all the steps mentioned in order to boost up our immune system. By doing so, we will be less prone to infections and diseases.

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