A business resolution is a time when things are filled with excitement and optimism for the future. It certainly is a good idea to renew your business life to go in a new direction, being productive and healthier. Here are ways you can make your business resolution lasts longer.

Let It Be Your Own Goal

The biggest mistake people nowadays are making is to follow someone’s goal. For instance, when you see someone you admire wins a singing award, you take his or her goal by enrolling yourself into singing career. Well, being inspired by a successful person is a great thing but it is not from your heart and your interest, and it is even not the one you will enjoy and eventually you lose interest in pursuing the selected field.

You Will Soon Backfire for Attempting Too Much

In the initial stage, you may get motivated as you are getting excited with what you are doing. However, when you cram too many goals to be accomplished in such short time, you may go overboard with good intentions becoming burned out from attempting unattainable goals. . Take the example of your cardio. If you take aerobics, yoga and weights training all at once, injuries can happen and muscle strains and aches causing you to become less motivated. In a nutshell, attempting all in one go can be intimidating! Instead of pursuing one big goal, why not you dissect it into several small goals which are easy to achieve? If you aim to climb a 600m mountain, but you are still learning the mountain climbing technique, try climbing 200m mountain within your personal best time. This will further motivate you to attempt to attain bigger goals. Also, learn to enjoy your climb without minding how much time you take to climb up a mountain. It is always wiser to start small and as you go along just add the numbers.

It’s Going to Take Time

All great things consume time to develop, so give yourself some time to achieve your goal. It usually takes around 21 days to create a habit and approximately 6 months for the resolution to become part of your life. So, if you set a smaller goal to achieve, it will be easier to attain your goal sooner.

It Might Not Be Smooth Sailing

It is not necessary to say that things are going to be smooth sailing even though you are geared up to attain your fitness resolution. A family member who falls sick may require more time of yours to stay close and your over-time office work may hinder your fitness to pursuit on your plan. If you are committed to have devoted time for weekdays temporarily, you should alter your plan by working out in the weekends or in the early hours of the day. If the season or weather change restricts your outdoor movement, you need to consider other indoor form of exercises such as yoga, and/or weight training that can contribute to your fitness and health to help you to attain your goal of life.

Make Your Resolution a S.M.A.R.T Goal

Make sure your written goals are all S.M.A.R.T goals, which stand for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Let’s say you want to get into tight fitting dress within 7 days to attend a not-to-be missed function by losing 5kg, this goal is specific, measurable, and timely but it is not realistic as it is not attainable in such short time. Therefore, you should always counter check all your goals so that you will keep yourself engaged in the most worthwhile ones.

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