Here are six things you cannot bring to sleep. Learn what they are.

A Watch

Some people prefer to wear their watch while sleeping. This will not only shorten the life span of the watch but is also detrimental to health. Watches, especially those luminous watches release radiation, though the amount of released radiation is minimal, experts believe that long period of accumulation of this so-called radiation can lead to undesirable consequences.


Some people get used to going to bed with their denture(s) in. But, wearing denture(s) while one is sleeping could cause swallowing of denture (s) into the esophagus without the sleeper’s consciousness. The wire of the denture (s) may pierce into the aortic esophageal arteries lining esophagus causing mass bleeding and may even be life-threatening. Therefore, those who are wearing denture (s) are advised to take off the denture (s) before sleeping, as this will be orally hygienic and safe to sleep throughout the night.


A study by US on 5,000 women found that those who are wearing bras for more than 12 hours a day are more prone to developing breast cancer than those who are wearing bras for shorter periods or those who do not wear bras. It concludes that women who are wearing bras for longer hours have 20 times higher risk of having breast cancer than those who are wearing bras for shorter period or those who do not wear bras at all. In general, wearing a bra is to exhibit the beauty of the female or just to protect the breast and numerous studies agree that it is not necessary to wear a bra while sleeping.

Electrical Appliances

Most people think that it is convenient to leave the mobile phone beside their bed as they do not have to wake up to get the phone when it rings in the middle of night. Experts remarked that most electronic devices will release different frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic waves while they are in use or whenever electrical installation exists. These devices include televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and etc. The release of electro-magnetic radiation can further form up an electronic fog that disrupts human’s body balance by stressing the nervous system and disrupting physiological functions of the body as well. Although we say the released amount of radiation is minimal, it is always better to avoid it as in the long run, it can significantly affect your health.


Due to fatigue or laziness, some females will fall asleep at night with the makeup still on their faces and clear it off the following morning after getting up from the bed. But, sleeping with makeup on is unhealthy as it blocks the pores of your skin causing obstacles towards sweat secretion. This in turns prevent cell respiration causing acne and over time, this will damage skin texture. Hence, before sleeping, remove your makeup as this will help your skin cells breathe better while maintaining the moisture of your skin.


Borrowing another person’s pillow may get you embroiled in a pillow fight which is not helpful for a good night’s sleep.

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