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Cancer and Therapy

Sex And Cancer Prevention

HPV viruses can affect the female genitals and females in the late teens and early 20’s are most at risk of being infected with HPV. Cervical cancer alone accounts...
Cancer and Therapy

Thyroid Cancer Is On The Rise

Whilst the overall cancer rates among females are on the decline, thyroid cancer is rising in the opposite direction. In the alone, thyroid cancer affects over 37,000 people...
Cancer and Therapy

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Upon detecting the presence of a lump in your breast, your doctor will ask you to schedule numerous tests including ultrasound scans and mammograms to confirm or disprove the...
Cancer and Therapy

Who Should Go For Cervical Cancer Screening?

As cervical deaths have become a global concern for females worldwide, who should actually get screened for cervical cancer? Thankfully, the number of cervical deaths worldwide has dropped significantly,...
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