Hair, Nail and Skin Care

What Are Age Spots?

When people reach old age, some flat patches will slightly “bump out” in their appearance. The spots are beige, brown or black in colors. These flat patches or spots...
Hair, Nail and Skin Care

How To Test Your Skin Type

Generally, most people have an idea what skin type they are, but if you are unsure of yours, you can simply talk to your skin care consultant at your...
Hair, Nail and Skin Care

How To De-stress Your Skin

The effects of stress may cause a dry, lifeless, inelastic and dull complexion. That’s why de-stressing the skin can help strengthen and soothe your skin for overall good skin...
Hair, Nail and Skin Care

How To Effectively Control Acne

Acne, pimples, blemishes, dry red skin, inflamed lesion and facial breakouts are most common in teenagers, but facial breakouts can also appear in the 40s, causing mood swings and...
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