Health Care and Medical Information

Beware Of Food Additives!

Dwelling in this artificial environment, we get sick easily. Our environment and foods have been modified drastically from its natural property, until one day, we’re alerted to have a...
Health Care and Medical Information

Processed Foods? No, Thanks!

Preindustrial people tend to develop hypertension as they feed their stomachs more on refined, packaged and processed foods. The condition is totally different when you come across indigenous Yi...
Health Care and Medical Information

Crying : Natural Medicine For Health

There’s always logic for us to cry. Crying is not wholly owned by females. It’s very helpless to find a Chinese saying says, “Man does not shed tears #8221;...
Health Care and Medical Information

Why Matter The Urine Test?

Why Matter the Urine Test? A urine test checks is deemed necessary as its results may give you information on different components of urine, and a waste product produced...
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