Health Condition and Disease

The Worst Disease Outbreaks

This article describes details of the worst disease outbreaks ever happened in human history. Cholera According to WHO, there have been seven pandemic outbreaks of cholera and in 1999...
Health Condition and Disease

The Most Horrible Skin Diseases Ever

No “if” or “why” as these horrible-looking skin diseases may have occurred in your life! Earlier treatment is always recommended to treat them while the attack is still mild....
Health Condition and Disease

What Your Feces Tells About Your Health?

This feces article will discuss the smell, frequency, buoyancy, healthy and unhealthy, number of pieces, and formation of feces as well as a healthy digestive system, accompanying with effective...
Health Condition and Disease

How To Battle With Kidney Failure

In reality, no matter how well-known you are, you may be tested by a trying condition creating a hardship where you need to perform dialysis as a temporary solution...
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