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Emergency Preparedness

How To Treat A Wound

  By learning this first aid, you will know how to treat a wound of the injured person. It is essential for us to learn the technique needed to...
Emergency Preparedness

How To Do Mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation

Learn this step-by-step mouth-to-mouth resuscitation technique today as with this knowledge you might actually be able to save someone’s life one day! Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is a very useful technique...
Emergency Preparedness

How To Stop Bleeding

  Control bleeding with this simple first aid procedure. It is important to control the bleeding, but you can by following these instructions carefully. Use a clean pad, press down directly on the...
Emergency Preparedness

How To Deal With Animal Bites

Germs are carried in the mouths of most animals and their sharp teeth can definitely leave puncture wounds while injecting germs into your skin tissues therefore, it is necessary...
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