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Society and Culture

The Unique Culture Of Ponggolo Ponggal

Ponggol Festival is a unique Indian culture that highlights the Ponggol rice cooking, bathing sacred cows and other Indian rich cultural dance and activities. Ponggolo Ponggal falls between January...
Society and Culture

Interesting Facts On The Kolum

Kolum is traditionally used for decorative purposes on Deepavali Day of the Hindus, and it portrays the creativity and uniqueness of its creators. The Kolum was made to feed...
Society and Culture

Stay Connected And Updated With Twitter

Twitter is a famous social connecting network. Twitter helps you stay connected and updated with your friends or followers in a fun way! Like Facebook, Twitter is a famous...
Society and Culture

The Life And Work Of Florence Nightingale

  Despite her family’s strong objection, Florence Nightingale received a calling to serve God and abandoned her life of luxury to serve many wounded soldiers. She was a great...
Society and Culture

The Life And Work Of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is a great woman whose work has contributed to the benefit of mankind. She spent much of her life undertaking relief work to lessen human suffering while...
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