Have you ever wondered what will happen to the crazy cats? What are the jokes behind them?

Someone says, “It looks like Mr. Cat has just seen a ghost! I’ve never seen him with his mouth so open!”

The cat says, “If he rapes an innocent girl one more time, I’ll hit him upside his head!”

I thought massages were supposed to be relaxing. Body massages can be a real treat for cats but I’d rather better stay at home and see my depressed owner pace the floor! Now that’s a riot! Aha, now, I enjoy to be massaged by this black cat! Living in this human world, well, I’ve to learn to live like a “human”.

Hey, why are you laughing at us? Haven’t you seen cats putting on bikinis?

The cat with the blue bikini says, “Dear, hmm.. Finally, my dream came true. I’ve been waiting for months to wear this sexy bikini…” Aren’t just the cat’s meow?

The cat with the red bikini replies, “Hi, dear, you’re dressed to kill and your new bikini fits you just like a glove..”

I’ve to train this way to make myself a good badminton player. I spent five hours training with a cork by the roadside. Oh, well, someone may think that I act strangely and even consider me to be totally out to lunch. How about you? Do you think I behave insanely?

Yuck, your feces smells too strong! Breathing in this unbearable smell, I’ve almost collapsed to the ground. Hey, did you eat that last mouse whole? It smells like something climbed inside you and died!

Each time when I’m invited to give a speech on a stage, my tongue will hang out. I’m a bit nervous and can’t even utter a word. Oh no, I’m a goner! I haven’t been this terrified since I was five.

I’m sick. This annoying fly leaves me cold! I’m at my boiling point!

See, this is what happens when you clone a cat! Humans have successfully cloned me with the DNA they obtained from a fly and a bee. I may appear to be ugly to you, but I don’t care, I feel like I’m going to float above the clouds.

I can’t eat or sleep. My boss chewed me out this afternoon and then he fired me. So, you think I’m a goner. Is that it?

I’ll win many gold medals in the upcoming Olympic Games if I roll up my sleeves. Keep an eye on me then, and I’ll be as famous as the American swimmer, Michael Fred Phelps!

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