This checklist will help you to check for defects in new houses in a more organized manner. Begin with the interior, working your way through room by room and finish up with the exterior.

  1. Check brick walls for any cracks, especially around the door and window jambs. Avoid buying house with poor finish, which covers poor plastering and badly-painted walls with uneven coverage.
  2. Check for run water down every single drainage hole for any blockage. Sometimes, debris is disposed off the easiest and shortest route through the pipes.
  3. Check for sinks, taps and mirror. Ensure these are securely installed:
    • Test the water pressure and ensure plumbing joints do not leak
    • Check for chips, cracks or discoloration
    • Also, check the toilet flush
  4. Check for metalwork. These include window frames and balustrades:
    • Check for rusted-through metalwork
    • Give the balustrades a good shake- are they sturdy and securely affixed?


Balustrade: rows of upright posts or small pillars joined along the top by a rail or stonework

Jambs: vertical posts at the side of doors and windows

Finish: state of being perfect

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