Something has gone wrong. There are misleading, flawed ideas and common misconceptions we learn from our school textbooks.

Napoleon was short

He was actually taller than his nickname, The Little Corporal, with height recorded of 5ft 2in after his death in 1821.

Great Wall of China is visible from the Moon

It’s commonly written that only the man-made construction of Great Wall of China can be seen from the Moon. This is incorrect as up to now, no astronauts have reported to see any man-made objects including the Great Wall of China on the moon.

Bats are blind

Since most bats utilize echolocation to augment their vision, they are not likely to be a blind animal.

The concept of “Survival of the fittest” was first created by Darwin

In 1864, the concept of “survival of the fittest” was the term coined by Herbert Spencer. Five years later, the first edition of “Origin of Species” was published. Therefore, it’s untrue to say that this concept was first created by Darwin.

The forbidden fruit is an apple

There is no solid statement saying that the forbidden fruit is an apple but it was depicted as an apple dating back to 12th century by the French and German artists. In fact, the original Hebrew texts stated that the forbidden fruit is a “tree” and the early Latin text described it as “evil”.

Water is a poor conductor of electricity

In our daily life, you can observe that water originating from sources such as a flooded basement or bathtubs contain some impurities, making water a good conductor of electricity.

From soil, plants get most of their food

It’s written that from soil, plants get most of their food, and thus, fertilizers are much needed for plant growth. This statement is utterly incorrect. We know that plants are autotrophs so they are able to make their own food via energy and inorganic substances. To clarify, plants do not take food from the soil but from water and inorganic substances.

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