Have you ever wondered why strange occurrences happen on the Moon? Why do they occur? How have scientists dealt with these occurrences? Why are not their reasons strong enough to stand alone in the scientific world?

The Moon is part of the Solar system and it rotates on its own axis and at the same time moves around the Sun. Have you ever wondered why strange occurrences happen on the Moon? Why do they occur? How have scientists dealt with these occurrences? Why are not their reasons strong enough to stand alone in the scientific world?

The Mystery of the Dry moon which has Bulk of Water Vapor in a Gaseous Form

The first few times on the Moon explorations proved that the Moon is a dry region. One scientist even emphasized that the Moon is drier than the Gobi Desert by one million times. Additionally, few explorations by Apollo did not trace any water bodies on the Moon. Nevertheless, the scientists from Apollo 15 have detected an area occupying 100 square miles of the Moon containing a large water air mass. Other scientists argued that this water air mass was formed due to the water leakage of two small water tanks which were abandoned by the American astronauts not long before that. The question here is how could these small water tanks produce a large water mass? It is incredible! Of course, this situation was not caused by the astronaut’s urine as it will have to inject directly into the sky near the Moon. It seems that these water air masses might have come from the inner part of the Moon.

The Mystery of a glass-like Surface of the Moon

The astronauts from Apollo discovered that there are many parts of the surface of the Moon being covered with a layer of glass-like material. This was confirmed by one scientist who said, “The moon is covered with a layer of glass.” The expert concluded that this layer of glass-like material is not formed due to the collision of the meteorites. Some scientists believe that this layer is formed due to the explosion of the Sun, in a status of mini-star. Some even believe that the surface of the Moon appears to have been collided by the burning fireballs.

The Mystery of the Moon’s Magnetic Field

The previous studies clearly showed that the magnetic field is not existed on the Moon, but the analysis from the rock samples collecting from the Moon showed a strong magnetic field. This finding is indeed very puzzling. Dr. Paul Prendergast said, “The rocks here show a very strange magnetic field…..totally contrary to our expectations.” The question that     arises here is if the Moon once had a magnetic field, then it should have a core of the iron substance, but reliable sources show that the Moon cannot have such a core. It is also impossible that the Moon was originated from other celestial bodies such as the Earth to gain its magnetic field. This situation will never happen to the Moon, because if it is as the case, the Moon must be situated very close to the Earth. If the Moon is situated too close to the Earth, it will have been shredded into pieces by the Earth’s gravity force.

The Mystery of Mysterious Substances Gathered within the Inner Part of the Moon

In 1968, the probe which was flying around the Moon for the first time revealed that some mysterious substances might have buried beneath the layer of the Moon. When the spacecraft flew over the sky of these structures, the spacecraft’s flight would be slightly slower than its prefixed track. This situation is claimed to be caused by the enormous gravity within the Moon which tends to attract any materials that are close to its gravitational field. The astronauts observed that when the spacecraft flew passing these structures, the flight would be accelerated slightly over the Moon. This situation clearly pointed out that the Moon must have these structures built-in to produce such high energy. Scientists believe that these structures are as big as an eye of a cow, formed by the heavy elements, and they are hidden beneath the surface of the Moon. As a scientist once claimed, “It seems that no one know how to deal with these structures.” It also appears they do not know how to explain them either.

The Mystery of the Presence of UFO

In the past, many astronauts have filmed many towers, structures and buildings built by the mysterious creatures which they called UFOs while they were landing on the Moon. Some astronauts photographed some marks left on the Moon which they believed to be footprints of UFOs. That means UFO creatures might have been around the Moon before humans landed on the Moon. However, some scientists denied the stories of UFOs as they said that UFOs might not be exist as the UFO pictures might be generated by a computer. They said the UFO scenario was a human creation instead.

And thus the ancient structures on the Moon filmed by Armstrong in 1969 as you can see here has become a controversial issue among the scientists. Some claimed that it might not be true and might be due to the false response of the camera while photographing due to its contact to the infra-red light within the space.

The Mystery of the Moon Landing

The first Moon landing by Neil Armstrong in 1969 followed by other Moon explorations has been totally denied by a group of people. Some assumed that the Moon landing was a hoax instead.

The video posted in youtube further explained the pictures of Apollo are all faked. How true is this story? Nobody knows, and until now it still remains a mystery.


All these mysterious events that are evolved around the Moon still remain as unsolved mysteries. It is also very hard to accept all the proposed theories as not even one reliable or rigid hypothesis could ever explain all the occurrences on the Moon.

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