Here are some cool cat pictures to make you wonder and think.

Sometimes, you need to choose to let certain things go. But, if you choose to give up, you’re making a wrong decision.

When you’re angry, you actually lose 60 seconds of happiness. When you’re sad, you actually lose 60 seconds of calmness; and when you’re in despair, you actually lose 60 seconds of peace in your life.

In this world, there is always a struggling between life and death. Each day, many people die, and I myself die from laziness.

When the brain is accommodated with lesser things, a variety of patterns are seen in the head. Perhaps, people tend to give out a false impression that they are indeed knowledgeable.

When you think of other people in a complicated way, it’s because you yourself are not a simple person.

Some clever guys are so clever that they always change like weather. And then there are some silly girls who can’t see the change of the weather. Here, girls should be ready to dump their ever changing boyfriends as they are not reliable enough to be their life partner.

One’s virtue is just like a pair of pants, and you can’t observe it from their appearance. If one doesn’t have a good virtue but pretends to behave well-mannered, this act is particularly hateful.

Money is like a toilet roll. You see it growing abundantly but when you use it, nothing is left.

If you don’t know how to play with life, then life will play on you.

The card changes my fate, but I’m the only person who plays the card.

You said: Money is like poop and friends are precious. “Let’s go out and play”, you said again. When your friend came to you, you said, “Go away, and don’t disturb me to earn profits!”

When one is born, they are original, but when they grow up, they become a pirated version of a polluted world.

If you are too fat, don’t blame food. As it is not the main culprit. If you don’t want to eat, just give me some to eat. I’ve been hungry for days due to famine.

Even though roly-poly won’t topple, he can never make a step forward. So, please don’t become a roly-poly, or you won’t be able to achieve success.

Only when one person is willing to wait, then the other person will be willing to come.

Facing stress, some people rely on sweating via exercise to release stress, but they are some people who force other people to sweat on behalf of them to release their own stress.

Life is simple. It’s just you laugh at others, and you yourself are being humiliated by others.

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