This article will tell you the correct prepositions to use with verbs.

The Correct Prepositions to use with Verbs
abide by (a decision)
abound in or with (fish)
absolve from (a blame)
abstain from (wine)
accede to ( a request)
accuse of (a crime)
agree to (a proposal)
agree with (a person)
answer for (conduct)
answer to (a person)
approve of (an action)
ask for (a thing)
ask of (a person)
attend to (a matter)
break bad news to (a person)
break into (a house, as thieves)
break oneself of (a habit)
break with (a person)
bring to (one’s notice)
burst into (tears)
call for (punishment, i.e. require)
call on (a person, i.e. visit)
come into (fashion)
comment on (a matter)
comply with (one’s wishes)
condole with (a person)
correspond to (something)
correspond with (a person, i.e. write)
crave for or after (happiness)
deal in (rice, i.e. trade in)
deal with (a person; subject)
decide on (something)
depend on (a thing or person)
despair of (success)
die of (a disease)
differ from (to be unlike)
differ with (a person on a subject)
divest one’s mind of (fear)
enter upon (a career)
escape from (jail)
excel in (language)
fall into (error)
fly into (a rage)
glory in (success)
jeer at (a person)
jump to (a conclusion)
keep to (a point, adhere)
labor under (false notion)
live by (honest labor)
occur to (one’s mind)
offend against (good taste)
overwhelm with (kindness)
prevent from (going)
prohibit from (doing something)
protect from (harm)
reconcile to (a loss)
recover from (an illness)
repent of (folly)
smile at (a person’s threat)
smile on (a person, i.e. favor)
stand on (one’s dignity)
struggle against (difficulties)
submit to (authority)
urge a fact on (one’s attention)
wink at (one’s fault)
yearn for (affection, favor)
yield to (a request)

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