Stretching before and after workout is always your best bet for an appropriate warm up, to decrease muscle soreness and the risk of muscle or tissue injury. While stretching is beneficial it should be done in the correct way. Here are some practical tips to stretch it right!

Stretching is a form of movement that helps to increase range of motion in the joints and improve muscle flexibility. A stretch which is done prior to any physical activity helps to reduce the risk of muscle/ tissue injury and muscle soreness while warming up body. Even though stretching can reward people of all ages in terms of health, it should be performed properly to avoid any unexpected injury, scar tissues and muscle tears. Here are some essential tips for you to follow:

Prior to doing any physical activity, you need to warm up first. Start warming up by walking while pumping your arms slowly and gently. You can also choose to warm up by doing your favorite movement but it should be done at low intensity for 5 minutes.

Next, hold each of your stretch for at least 30 seconds. This movement takes time to help lengthen your tissues securely. But you should hold a stretch for up to 60 seconds, particularly for a problem area or a relatively tight muscle. You just need to do each stretch for most of your muscle groups once.

Keep concentration on a painful stretch area as it means you might be overdoing it. In this case, just focus on to the point in which you do not feel pain before holding your stretch. This will help to avoid any injury incurred to the muscles unexpectedly.

You should always remember not to hold your breath while you are stretching. That means while doing stretches, keep breathing freely and relax.

Make sure you stretch both sides, meaning your joint range of motion must be stretched equally on each side of your body.

It is always recommended to stretch your body before and after the physical activity. It is always a good idea to carry out light stretching after your warm-up accompanied by a thorough stretching regimen after your workout activity.

You should never bounce while you are stretching as this will cause small tears or microtears in the muscles leaving scar tissues as the muscles heal. Further, the scar tissues will damage your muscle causing you to be prone to pain and even leading you to stretch painfully and less flexibly.

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