There’s always logic for us to cry. Crying is not wholly owned by females. It’s very helpless to find a Chinese saying says, “Man does not shed tears easily.” Oops, this is going to kill many men! What’s wrong when man shedding his tears?

Crying is not restricted to a sad expression. Instead, it’s a way to stay healthy. Now, you will probably approach me wildly and ask, “What’re you talking about? Are you crazy?”

Do you know that normal people’s tears taste salty, diabetes people’s tears taste sweet, and people with sad tears will always have a bitter taste? When you’re sad, not only your tears taste bitter, but also they contain peptide and hormones which can poison your body. When these poisonous substances are kept for a longer time in your body, you are more likely to have tumors developed in your body which will eventually lead you to cancers. If you’re lucky enough to avoid cancers, you’re certain to either have a chronic colitis or inflammation in certain parts of tissue or muscles of your organs. So, next time, when you feel sad, please cry as loud as you could but not so hard until it causes problem in your health. Remember, moderation is the main key for you to open “a healthy” door.

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