It might be an unpleasant experience to be grounded in a foreign country especially when a travel crisis due to tsunami, volcano eruption, tornado, earthquake or bad weather comes up. Here, we have got just the useful tips to help you walk through this travel crisis.

Well, you might be thankful for a flight cancellation especially during the time when the emergency comes up. It is a good escape from being trapped from volcano ash, earthquake, tsunami, tornado to any bad weather to the destination you wish to pay a visit. You can feel relieved about escaping this disaster, and yet, you might feel a little unprepared being grounded or stuck in a foreign country and find it to be an unpleasant experience. Here, we have got tips to help you go through this travel crisis:

Make sure you make a plan B ready in case your first visit plan is changed unexpectedly. This can be done by ensuring you are able to make alternative accommodations and/or travel arrangements.

You should always have important e-mail addresses and phone numbers handy. These include those of your insurance and travel agents, hotel hotlines as well as the airline customer hotlines. Whenever you are waylaid in a foreign country due to a travel crisis, you will be able to call them from wherever you are.

As soon as an emergency comes up, call your airline or hotel immediately. This way, you may be able to save on costly cancellation charges. Normally, they will consider waiving the 48-hour cancellation policy particularly during emergency situations. Also, be sure to check for this information, whenever you make a booking or/and reservation.

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