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This article will teach you how to treat your child’s sore throat.

Gargling with salt water is a common home remedy, but it works for dealing with sore throats in children. On top of that, sipping constantly on warm soups and drinks may also be helpful option. Cold foods like popsicles for example, can help relieve sore throat pain too, but watch out for cough and etc.

Another way to relieve from sore throat, cold as well as cough is by making your own honey and basil toxic. To do this, boil several fresh basil leaves in a cup of water and when the water is reduced to half in the cup, add two tablespoons honey. Take this tonic twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar is proven home remedy to cure sore throat. To make a perfect tonic for sore throat, add several drops of lime juice to the mixture of one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon apple cider. Take this twice a day.

Before giving your child medications or lozenges, check with their doctor first. If your child is experiencing difficulty in swallowing or breathing, or has not recovered after more than 3 days or has pus at the back of his or her throat, you should bring them to see their doctor right away!

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