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Experts in dog care have offered a number of suggestions to keep one’s pet dog happy.

One of the tips given is never tie a dog to something in order to control it from roaming off one’s property. They believe that tying a dog can cause behavioral and physical problems. A dog does not like to be tied, so tying it makes it more aggressive. Moreover, it is not healthy physically as a tied dog is less likely to exercise since it has little space to move about. Another negative point is it may get tangled up and choked.

Taking one’s dog out for regular walks in another given suggestion. Dog experts feel that when a dog is isolated for a long time, it may become afraid of people or new places. So, take your dog out for at least one or two walks around the neighborhood daily. This enables it to experience new people, new dogs and new places.

Give your dog lots of affections by touching gently his head, body or muscles. As the dog can understand man’s body language well, he can automatically perceive your love. This will make your dog feels comfortable to be at home. Do not shout or hit your dog as this will make him feeling very scared to walk near you.

Bring him for medical check-up when he is not feeling well. Take good care of him by shampooing him regularly. Give him a bath so that his health can be maintained. You may also make a beautiful cloth for your dog to make him happy. He will definitely appreciate your attention as he understands that you care lots for him.

Your dog will be unhappy if there is wound around his body. So, apply some medicine on his wound. Treat him just like human but not animal. Communicate with your dog; he will slowly understand your words. Build a kennel for him to sleep in so that your dog feels secure, happy and comfortable.

By creating a good bond between you and your dog, your dog will definitely love you and loyal to you. Remember, a dog is an intelligent animal; he can read your heart and mind very well, so think of your dog as human and starts communicating with him. At last, you will obtain endless happiness with your dog as a good companion just like one of your family members.

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