Do you aware that English is a beautiful language? It contains many words for colors. Have you had any troubles to understand such words? Look up the dictionary, and you may observe substantial amounts of words which are initiated with COLORs. Do you know the meaning of these words? Here are some examples I would like to share with you.

Yellow-belly: coward.

Yellow ribbon: sign of support for soldiers at the front.

White list: contains favored items

White lie: a small fib.

Yellow Journalism: irresponsible and alarmist reportage.

Whiteout: loss of visibility in a snow blizzard.

Red-handed: caught in the act.

Red flag: danger or caution.

Purple Heart: US military decoration.

Greenback: US dollar bill.

White as a sheet: to be very pale.

White Elephant: something that doesn’t fit in.

Bluestocking: the upper class woman.

Blue blood: royal, regal.

Black and blue: bruised.

Black hearted: evil.

Bluenose: a strictly puritanical person.

Bluebook: list of socially prominent people.

Black tie: formal.

Black sheep: the outcast

Blackout: loss of electricity.

Black humor: rather dark comedy.

Red tape: bureaucracy.

Purple speech: profane Talk.

Bluestone: grey sandstone used for building.

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