These flamboyant words have been invented to refer to specific matters. These colorful, expressive and ebullient words have enriched English with a high value of nutrition. These words appear appalling to you, aren’t they? Try to pronounce and say them out as loud as you could make, you will definitely laugh at your belly! Maybe you are not aware that they have been used around the English community quite a while. Here are some of the examples:

CRAPULENCE: Discomfort from eating or drinking.

FAFF: To dither or fumble about.

ARCIPLUVIAN: Many colored, like a rainbow.

BIBLOBIBULI:  People who read so much.

BOONDOGGLE: An unnecessary or wasteful project.

NINNYHAMMER: Fool or simpleton.

COCKALORUM: Absurd, crazy.

CODOLOGY: Nonsense.

SESQUIPEDALIAN: Refers to long words.

BROUHAHA: A noisy argument or commotion.

CANOODLE: To hug and kiss.

TATTERDEMALION: A tattered or ragged person

BALLYHOO: Exaggerated publicity or advertising.

MUMBLECRUST: A toothless one.

BAMBOOZLE: Trick or deceive or mislead someone.

CATAGLOTTISM: Kissing with the tongue. Oooh la la!

TINTINNABULATION: A ringing or tinkling sound.

CODSWALLOP: More nonsense!

FLABBERGASTED: Astonish, agape

SKULDUGGERY: Dirty work, or it can mean “they’re up to no good!”

MARITORIOUS: Being fond of one’s husband.

NESCIENT: Ignorant.

DANDIPRAT: A silly, little fellow or urchin.

RAMBUNCTIOUS: Lively, hard to control.

DISCOMBOBULATED: Thrown into a state of confusion.

FLUMMOXED: Confused or perplexed.

GADZOOKS: An exclamation of surprise or annoyance.

QUISQUILLIOUS: Trashy, worthless

SNOLLYGOSTER: A shrewd unprincipled person.

MUNDUNGUS: refuse; rubbish.

DIDAPPER: One who disappears only to bob up again.

PARAPHERNALIA: Personal possessions, or miscellaneous articles.

DOOZY: Something extraordinary or outstanding of its kind.

SPONDULICKS: Money, cash.

FLAMBOYANT: Rich in color, flashy

HUMUNGOUS: Huge, enormous.

PUCKEROO: Useless, broken.

MOLLYCODDLE: To treat too protectively.

JINGOISM: Aggressive or warlike patriotism.

GOSSOON: A young lad (French word for boy, “garcon”)

LOLLAPALOOZA: Outstanding.

MUGWUMP: Someone who stays aloof.

NINNYHAMMER: Fool or simpleton.

PANDEMONIUM: Great noise, confusion and disorder.

ISHKABIBBLE: A dismissive statement.

GOBBLEDYGOOK: Unintelligible language, especially jargon or bureaucratese.

HORNSWOGGLE: Cheating. Popeye’s refrain every time Brutus diddled him as “I’s bin hornswoggled!”

JOBBERNOWL: A stupid person, a blockhead.

LANGUESCENT: Becoming tired.

LOLLYGAG: To fool around; to dawdle or dally; to spend time aimlessly.

OOJAH: A thingamabob, whatchamacallit or doohickey.

PYKNIC: Short and fat.

PUSILLANIMOUS: Faint-hearted, timid.

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