English is indeed fun and interesting to learn. When a person’s name is a cranny match with his or her occupation (which is termed as aptonym in English), you will come across with some hilarious results as follows:

Will Dunn: Lawyer.

Jett Black: Hair Stylist.

Dr. Russell Brain: Neurologist.

Mr. Horn: Band Teacher.

Otto Nogo: Mechanic.

Malcolm Plumb: Plumber.

Dr. Stopp: Surgeon.

Bill Bord: Sign Painter.

Scott Constable: Police Officer.

Doctor D’Eath: Surgeon.

Cliff Hanger: Serial Writer.

Polly Glott: Translator.

Creflo A.Dollar: T.V. Evangelist.

Doolittle & Dalley: Real estate Agents.

Claire Jewell: Gemmologist.

Harcourt Champion: Wimbledon Pro.

Philip McCavity: Dentist.

Ava Ball: Wedding Planner.

Leonard Divine: Rabbi.

Henrietta Wilde: Zoologist.

Dr. Richard Tapper: Urologist.

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