It is very easy to make an envelope. Do it now and have your own quality and beautifully designed envelope to show off in front of your friend.

Simple Folding

Step 1

Get a piece of any paper you like but make sure it must be in A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches or 210 x 297 mm).

Step 2

Fold the paper into three parts.

Step 3

Open the paper. Make sure that Part A and Part B are the same size while Part C is smaller.

Step 4

Then, fold about one-centimeter margin along both sides of the paper.

Step 5

From step 4, cut out the margin for the Parts A and C only.

Step 6

Fold Part A onto Part B.

Step 7

Now, fold the margin of Part B onto Part A.

Step 8

From step 7, glue the margins.

Step 9

You may also fold in the corners of Part C and cut along the black lines to make your envelope have a nicer flap to seal.

Step 10

Wow, congrats! Now, you have your envelope ready.

Bonus added step

To make your envelope looks attractive, you can attach the paper heart on top of it as shown in the photos. Smooth out the paper heart by applying glue to any opening ends.

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