“Red” here refers to tomato, chili, red carrots, watermelon (with red flesh), grapefruit (with red flesh) and etc. One day one tomato helps male to cut off 45% of the risk of getting prostate cancer. Do you all know that eating tomato lower your risk from getting bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer? Lycopene has also been shown to lowered rates of prostate cancer, colon cancer and heart disease while warding off breast cancer. But, let me ask you do you know how to eat tomato? Some say they eat raw tomato, some say they eat raw slices tomatoes together with sugar, and worst still, some even eat tomato with beer. This eating habit is pointless as you won’t benefit from the tomato you ate and the tomato itself hasn’t prevented yourself from getting cancers. Generally, the cooked tomato is better than a raw tomato since the lycopene contained in the tomato is fat-soluble which means it’s easier to consume by adding olive oil or fats. That means when it’s cooked, then only it’ll help your body to assimilate its nutrients easily than if it’s eaten raw. Attention, tomato won’t protect you from cancer if it’s eaten raw! If you’re a bit depressed or down, then you can eat appropriate amount of chili to help restore your emotion. Carrots are another excellent food to add at your dining table.

“Green” here refers to leafy vegetables, cucumbers, celeries, fruits and etc. I recommend you to eat green leafy vegetables and fruits for 500 g a day. The ratio between vegetable and fruit should be 8 servings to 2 servings or 8:2. You may also blend fresh vegetables into juices to obtain the alkaline salts, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber which served excellent for cleansing toxins purpose. Bear in mind that vegetables should be included in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. As fruits are generally high in sugar content such as fructose and thus they’re better to be eaten between meals.

It’s a sad thing if one is diagnosed for cancer. How to avoid yourself from getting cancer? The best option to prevent from getting cancer is to include green leafy vegetables and fruits (whenever possible choose these foods that are pesticides and herbicides- free) in your daily diet. 

“Yellow” here refers to pumpkin, potato, lemon, persimmon, yellow colored vegetables and etc. Why pumpkin is so good? A research conducted by East China Normal University found that pumpkin extract promotes regeneration of damaged pancreatic cells in diabetic rats, boosting levels of insulin-producing beta cells and insulin in the blood. This experiment suggests that compounds found in pumpkin could potentially cut the daily number of injections for diabetics. This is due to antioxidants and D-chiroinositol, a molecule that mediates insulin activity and thus people who always eat pumpkin can avoid from getting diabetes. For diabetes patients, I strongly recommend you to add pumpkin in your daily diet. 

“White” here refers to banana, garlic, oat, ginger and etc. Oat, rolled or ground oats can be made into porridge, noodle, or bread. The former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was once diagnosed for high cholesterol but she refused to take medicine. Then, she ate oat made bread to keep her cholesterol to a safer level. One centenarian I met when he was at 101 years old told me that he used to have a bowl of oat porridge (alternatively, he boiled oat with water before serving) in the mornings. According to him, oat porridge had brought his cholesterol level down. Not only oat porridge can lower blood pressure but also it can reduce Triglyceride (a major component of very low density lipoprotein, VLDL and large lipoprotein particles called chylomicrons) in your blood. Indeed, oat porridge is an excellent food for both diabetes and hypertensive patients. It’s particularly good while dealing with hard feces due to its fiber content. Most elderly are living with hard and dried feces which can cause Cerebrovascular related diseases. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to have oat porridge as their breakfast. If you’ve high blood pressure, you must eat oatmeal, oat made bread, or oat porridge every day to help lower both your Triglycerides and blood pressure so that your blood lipids can be maintained in a healthy level.

“Black” here refers to black fungus, Japanese mushroom, black beans, and etc. Black fungus (also called tree ear, cloud ear, mouse ear, jelly mushroom and wood fungus) has a medicinal value for increasing the fluidity of the blood, improving circulation while reducing a hypercoagulable state (a medical term for a condition in which there’s an abnormally increased tendency towards blood clotting [coagulation]. When this condition happens, it can lead you to have a possibility of developing elevated blood clots in the veins, or thrombophlebitis). People who always eat black fungus can protect themselves from getting coronary heart disease, cerebral atrophy disease and cerebral hemorrhage disease.

Do you know who’re at higher risk of getting abnormally blood coagulation? If you’re fat/ obese, short, AB blood type, menopausal woman, or you’ve a relatively short neck, you must be aware of being placed in this dilemma. If you’re grouped under this description, please don’t feel worry. You must remember my advice here: drink herbal tea to promote good blood circulation; don’t lose your temper or angry, or else your blood will coagulate easily; just take red wine in moderation but not other alcoholic drinks and remember to limit the intake to less than 100ml a day; don’t eat peanuts; and lastly don’t watch television or surfing internet for longer hours as the longer you sit there without moving your body, your blood is more likely to coagulate unintentionally. If a fat menopausal woman who has a short neck and AB blood type sitting there munching peanuts in an angry state, she’s more likely to be stricken by the attack of Myocardial infarction.

Nowadays, about 5 million Americans and more than 20 million people worldwide are living with a fatal brain disease called Alzheimer’s disease. Actually, this brain disorder is due to the blockage of micro-cells in the brain. This sudden blockage interrupts the cell’s factory from running properly. The unexpected blockage can cause half-body paradise, memory loss and internal brain bleeding, and further causing problems with thinking and behaviour that are severe enough to affect one’s work and social life. I therefore strongly recommend Alzheimer’s, hypertensive patients and those who suffer from atherosclerosis to try two remedies suggested here. Try yourself to see its positive effect.

Remedy 1: Consume 5 – 10g black fungus each day for 50-100 consecutive days. You can serve it as your side dish or soup.

Remedy 2: Ingredients: 10g black fungus, 3 pieces of ginger, 5 pieces of jujube (or Chinese red date) and 6 small Chinese bowl of water. Methods: Put them into a pot and boil to two bowls of water under slow fire. Remove it from the fire and add a pinch of sea salt (optional) before serving. Note: One serving for a day. This remedy should be followed for 45 consecutive days. I strongly recommend this remedy for the above stated patients. After 45 days, you’ll be surprising to discover that your blood clotting has been reduced accordingly. This is true as it has been scientifically documented and thereby I assure you with its effectiveness.

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