Some interesting facts about the Mount Everest- the highest mountain on earth.

At a height of 8854m (29002 ft.), the Mount Everest stands as the highest mountain in the world. Certainly, such an expedition requires lots of preparations and mountaineers have to prepare for the extreme weather from the cold and freezing temperatures prior to attempting to climb the Mount Everest.

Apart from that, mountaineers need to put on special attire to keep their bodies warm throughout the expedition. Not only that, their clothing should be lightweight. To withstand the freezing winds during the nighttime or even during the day time, they need to bring along a warm, lightweight sleeping bag as well as other necessary mountaineering equipment.

In the mountain‘s climbing history, the first ten expeditions were deemed to be a failure. Following that, the eleventh expedition was led by Colonel John Hunt and it was comprised of the world’s best climbers. Indeed, it was not free from mishap as one of the climbers in the expedition fell into a crevasse. Fortunately, all the participants were attached with a rope and he was pulled out successfully. Regardless of the obstacles they faced, the team continued their climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Even though their first attempt at reaching the summit failed, they did not give up at all. Eventually, Tenzing Norgay from Nepal and Edmund Hillary from New Zealand reached the summit successfully on May 29, 1953.

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