Salt makes your food tastier and yummy. While a small amount of salt is alright for your consumption, too much salt can be detrimental to your health.

The table salt you use to sprinkle on your food is scientifically known as Sodium Chloride or NaCl. In humans, salt is vital for bodily processes. While in smaller doses it is fine, a larger quantity of salt can create havoc for your health.

Salt, in general, is present in all our body fluids and tissues. When you sweat, you lose salt. But the salt you lose will then be replaced by the salt you consume in your diet.

With the presence of salt, the food tastes more appetizing. Yet, too much salt can be harmful to your health as it makes your heart work harder. As a result, you suffer from high blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you must be careful as this condition may cause you a heart attack or stroke.

For those who are aged 2 and up, you are recommended not to consume over 2300 mg (equivalent to about one teaspoon) of salt per day. It is suggested that people age over 51 who have diabetes, kidney disease or high blood pressure should not consume over 1500mg per day.

Approximately ¾ of the salt you consume comes from processed and canned food, making it very hard to regulate the salt intake. It is advisable for you to control your daily salt intake by cutting the snacks like preserved food and potato chips. Prior to purchasing the food items, make sure you read the food label carefully. You should look for food items that are low in salt content. It is always recommended to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits instead of the processed and preserved ones. Alternatively, season your food with ginger or lemon juice instead of salt.

If you are eating out, you can ask the chef to use less salt in your food. You should also go light on the condiments even though they may be tasty since condiments usually contain large quantities of sodium.

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