Control your diet is essential to promote the health and at the same time improving the condition of your diseases.


You should increase the intake of calcium in your diet. Low-fat milk, yogurt, soy bean, corn are some of the ideal foods. Limit the intake of caffeine, carbonated and alcoholic drinks is an appropriate way to live healthily. Regular exercise is also important to promote body’s metabolism and immune system.


Avoid taking animal protein especially animal’s heart and liver. The intake of red meat, spinach, broccoli and mushroom should be limited. Control your alcoholic drinks. Replenish your body with sufficient alkaline water. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of alkaline water daily for the sake of health.


Maintain the routine time for having meal daily. Reduce the intake of foods that may easily turn into glucose in the body. These foods include sugar, sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, desserts, ice creams and sweet drinks.

Increase the intake of high fiber foods such as brown rice, psyllium, wheat, rye, oats, green leafy organic vegetables and fruits. Avoid taking alcoholic drinks. Control your body weight and exercise regularly.

High cholesterol or obesity

Reduce the intake of cholesterol by using olive oil while cooking. When eating outside, try to choose steam foods instead of oily foods. Reduce the diet rich in animal fats and proteins particularly egg yolk and animal’s skin, heart and liver. Use low fat milk or dairy products for your breakfast. Avoid butter and margarine. Eat plenty of fiber rich foods such as grains, wheat, rye, oatmeal, psyllium and green leafy organic vegetables and fruits.

Hypertension and coronary heart diseases

Reduce the intake of sodium in your daily diet. These types of foods include MSG, salt, soy sauce, or any processed foods. Include olive oil in your diet to reduce the intake of cholesterol. Limit the intake of animal fat and protein. Drink low fat dairy products. Eat plenty of green leafy organic vegetables and fruits.

The important things for hypertension or coronary heart disease’s patient is to control body weight, avoid alcoholic drinks and stress.

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