The invention of paper makes writing easier besides helping us to store essential information. Have you ever wondered how and when paper was invented?

Can you imagine if the world was in existence without writing materials? That means to pass on the information, you will have to say it (in person) and the listener has to remember each word you said so that the information can be passed on to other people accurately.

In fact, writing allows people to store up information. Do you know that the people from Sumer which was an ancient Middle Eastern country were the first to write down information? This happened 6,000 years ago. At that time, the written information was in a form of pictures scratched onto wet clay. And the clay tablets were about the size of postcards.


paper making

Paper was recorded to be initially invented in China in AD 105 by an inventor called Cai Lun (or Ts’ai Lun). From the inner bark of the mulberry tree he cut up into fibers and the fibers were pressed together to make paper. Ropes, rags and even fish nets were used to make paper. Since the invention of paper, the procedure of writing information down has become much easier.


Paper, today, is a material used around the world to write down information. The advancement of the technology also enables the paper to be recycled and reused. As paper is made entirely from tree bark, the option of recycling and reusing paper will cut down the number of trees being cut down.


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