With the invention of windscreen wiper it makes your life easier especially when you are driving during a rainy day.

Imagine a car without a windshield wiper. It will make seeing difficult when you drive during a rainy day. The windshield will turn blurry and the view cannot be clear enough to enable the driver to see the incoming car(s). To see it clearer, the driver has to stop the car by the roadside as they are unable to see well enough to drive safely.




The earliest cars did not have windshield wipers to wipe swishing across the window during a rainy day. The driver had to open their cars’ window to enable them to see clearer. Then, a woman called Mary Anderson noticed this problem during her trip to New York. She came up with the solution by inventing a swinging arm device with a rubber blade in 1905. This device could be operated from within the vehicle via a lever.


Many women’s contributions have improved automobiles. About 173 new inventions were invented by various women in 1923. Among them were an electric engine starter, and carburetor.

types of wipers

Inspired by her earlier invention, a window cleaning device was invented by Mary in 1921. By 1916, the windscreen wipers had then become standard equipment on all American driven cars.

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