English is an international language and is extensively spoken worldwide. Learn some of the effective tips here to improve your English.

You might be worried because you think that you are weak in English. Do not worry. Here are several ways to help you improve your English.

First, you should not feel shy but you must make an attempt to speak to your teachers and/or friends in English. Of course, you will make some mistakes there. Never mind. You will gradually become more confident later on.

Second, you must listen to English being spoken. You can do so by listening to the radio or TV and trying to understand what is being spoken. By listening to the spoken English, you will learn to pronounce English words correctly.

Another way to improve your English is by watching television and you can read newspapers, magazines and English books to improve your English. You will certainly slowly pick up many new words over time as well as learn sentence structuring. This way, it can improve your spelling, too.

Another way is by participating in English speaking competitions. Elocution, spelling bees and debates for example are great ways to help gain you confidence in speaking English.

Finally, try to learn to write in English. You can correspond to your friends in English, keep journals, chat online, or write essays in English.

You will certainly become more proficient in the English language by doing the suggested ways as mentioned above.

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