There have been well documented that eating the five basic cereal foods (simple staple grains such as rice, wheat, corn, millet, and etc.) will nourish the “true qi” (According to Chinese medication bible, this type of “qi” nourishes the internal organs and circulates in and around the Meridians) of your five major internal organs (Five Organs here refer to five Yin organs [heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and lungs] which store the body’s building materials, while five Yang organs [the small and large intestines, the gallbladder, bladder and stomach] control bodily function in human body).  The bible further emphases that, “of the ten-thousand things born under heaven, the five cereal crops are the finest.” This statement simply means that the five main cereals and other coarse grains are beneficial to your spleen. Only when your spleen is thoroughly nourished, your stomach will stay in health. This in turns brings to the well-being of your body.

Unrefined multi-grain foods in fact provide your body with starches, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other health-promoting dietary fiber. The fiber here is important as it helps to absorb bile secretion, toxins, acidic wastes, and other cancer-inducing substances. When all these unwanted substances are eliminated out of your body, the health risk agents (such as absorbing oils, fats, lipids and cholesterol that tend to attach to the cell wall of the organs) that cause the incident rate of intestinal, rectal and colon cancer can be reduced to its minima. This explains why fiber is generally good for promoting health.

As the starches contained in cereals and grains are “resistant starches” in nature, and thus they don’t cause you gain more weight. Furthermore, your small intestines will take longer time to break them down before digesting them, so your stomach will feel full for a longer time that will definitely curb your desire to eat to help you control your body weight efficiently. Additionally, the breakdown of these starches also stimulates the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria which are good to maintain the health of your intestines. The presence of these bacteria will also accelerate the process of breaking down foods while eliminating the “rubbish” from your body.

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