Here are some inspirational sayings to inspire your life.


  1. So long as you can breathe, or eyes can see, and the wisdom shall give life to thee.
  2. Beauty is just a layer of skin, so you shall never be cheated by your appearance.
  3. You always remember to empty the bin, but you forgot to empty rubbish* in your heart. (* refers to: greediness, jealousy, ignorance and wicked heart).
  4. You always think that money, fame and status can solve your problems, but this is not true. Instead, you should possess an inner wisdom as it’s a key that leads you to a peaceful life.
  5. When you don’t understand fully the real meaning of life, the life for you is a punishment. Every day, you punish yourself as you regard this world as REAL.
  6. From the birth until to the dusty death, neither you gain nor lose possession. This is because you didn’t bring any possession when you were born and even you bring no possession at the last syllable of the day.
  7. Human is a poor actor. In whatever role they’re acting, they don’t really know who they belong to. Many of their yesterdays and days have lighted fools.
  8. Life’s but a trombone. If you don’t blow hard, no sound will be heard.
  9. Suffering is not a disaster, but a land of field for to plough into. And you’ll eventually end up with abundant harvests.
  10. Don’t let the misfortunes and remembrances of the yesterdays occupy too much of your day.
  11. Wise criticisms are better than praises from the fools.
  12. I always say to myself, “I’m just an ordinary person in this world, but I see others as the greatest persons.”
  13. One dark cloud can shield the sun;

    A broken thread can cause a loss of a string of pearls;

    A wrong perception can damage a person’s soul;

    One sarcastic word/phrase can hurt a pure good heart.

  14. “I own no good look, but I’ve gold of heart;

    I’m not rich, but I’ve a high ambition.” When you think of this way, you’ll definitely feel happy.

  15. While still alive, humans are always not satisfying with their conquered world, but when they die, they just need a patch of land to bury.
  16. A doctor can neither cure death nor obstruct the death.
  17. Good husband should act as a deaf, while good wife should act as a dumb. Only the deaf and dumb can journey together harmoniously to the end of the life.
  18. Mr./Mrs. Death owns no calendar, so the day will be coming, just get yourself ready.
  19. You should forgive your enemy, and you should even thank the person who hurt you, as they teach you to grow as an all-round person.
  20. You think that you own this world, it’s an illusion;

    You think that you lost something in this world, it’s also an illusion.

  21. When there’s a human, there’s always a bitter dispute,

    When you regard this as normal, you won’t get annoyance,

    Think that they’re simply HUMANS.

  22. You know that anger is ignorance, but you run a way with the idea, just because you can’t take the loss.
  23. When you take a back seat, you will never grow short.
  24. Bring back your thankful heart, and let’s forget about people’s shortcomings.
  25. It’s not the greatest to conquer the whole world, but only when you conquer yourself, you’ll be the world’s greatest person.
  26. Put down your mask, and you’ll have a great joy of life.
  27. One will hurry to get back the loss ring, but it’s strange to see that one will hurry to find the loss conscience.
  28. Everyone is rushing to pursue a happy life under five senses stimulation, but no one knows what the real meaning of happiness is.
  29. Good or bad affair will keep flowing with the time, and then it’s heard no more;

    That means the timing of the God is always equal and fair.

  30. When you’ve hatred for someone, you’re actually devalue your personality,

    And to take revenge is as like you burn your own house.

  31. Prior to giving you a gift, the God will test you with lots of packaging wrapped in difficulties. In other words, the time when you get all sort of difficulties is also the time that the God is going to give you a surprise gift.
  32. Health is your utmost property on earth, so don’t spoil your health.
  33. In this world, no matter how good you do (behave), there’re still people who like to sabotage you with fouling words. Just think that, “Not everyone like me in this world, but I like myself,” and you’ll feel relieve to pass the remaining of your life.

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