It’s a long journey to explore your life, but you see the BEAUTY around you. You live with passion and wisdom, for you’ve much time to munch the TASTE of your life.

You’re awake and alive with a healthy mind, and you take your time to live. You feel love and joy. You’re GRATEFUL to your life, because you’re still ALIVE and HEALTHY.

You’re grateful to be YOURSELF, and you say to yourself, “I’m PERFECTION in life!”

You’re always bathing in HAPPINESS. Just open your eyes and see around you: Many people won’t be able to see tomorrow’s sun. Many people have become handicapped today. Many people have to go hungry for days. Many people have no home to return…. See, you’re of course, the happiest person on Earth!

When you put too many troubles into your head, you won’t feel happy.

Happiness is not due to how much you own in this world, but it’s due to how wide you open up your heart to the world.

When you’re always feeling contented towards your life, you’ll definitely be a happy person, even though you may have not much money in your pocket.

I thank you for giving me warmer hugs, and they helped me wadding through the low tide of my life. One life, which is filled with LOVE won’t fall down even in a strong wind. I give you my true heart, and I give you my understanding smile to accompany you to solve many troubles. When I see you holding your head UP and stop crying, I’m happy. The touching love that is building inside our spirits has cheered you, others and my life with happiness. Happiness is that simple, my friend!

Living in a gratitude world can help us planting the seeds of Happiness.

You’re a happy person. Be gratitude to yourself. Even though you don’t seem to have a beautiful nose, you still can use it to breathe fresh air. Even though you don’t have a beautiful mouth, you still can use it to bite on foods. Even though you don’t have a pair of beautiful hands, you still can use them to hold/carry things. Even though you don’t have a pair of beautiful legs, you still can use them to walk. Even though you don’t have a pair of beautiful eyes, you still can use them to see the beauty of the world. Even though you don’t have a pair of beautiful ears, you still can use them to hear a lovely sound. Be grateful for yourself, my friend! This is happiness, that’s simple, right?

When you hold your fists tight to catch many things at a time, you in fact, don’t catch anything at all, but you just simply catch some air. However, when you stretch out your hands and open them widely, even though you catch nothing in your hands, the whole world is now inside your hug. In fact, you don’t need to own many things to make yourself happy, but you’ll feel happier when you stretch out your welcoming hands.

When you shade yourself under the sun, you’ll see your own shadow. When you keep facing the sun, you won’t see your own shadow anymore. When your life is in low tide, be sure to muster your courage to face the sun. By doing so, you can get rid of black shadows in your heart.

Your present life and the future life are those days full of pleasures of joys and they are also full of zigzag ways of unpleasant taste. When you’re in low mood, just believe that good things will come to your life.

Try opening your heart to a distance of an inch thick. How long have you forgotten to say “I love you” to your beloved one? How long have you forgotten to give your parents a warmer hug? How long have you forgotten to have meals together with your family members? How long have you ignored people who care for you? How long have you forgotten to open your heart? The furthest distance is not a distance of a universe, but the furthest distance is you’re not willing to give your beloved one a little care. Give your beloved one some inspiring words and love, give them hugs to make them happy, and in return, you’ll feel happy too, definitely!

The thought/behavior of wishing everyone to live in peace, healthy and happy- that’s human huge happiness. So, happiness is that simple.

One day, one fairy god mother met a millionaire. This millionaire was not only rich but also talented. He had a good wife to treat him, and he had a big house to live in but he wasn’t happy. She asked him why he wasn’t happy. He responded, “I’ve many things, but I lack of one precious thing, could you give me?” She replied, “No problem. I can give you whatever you want.” He asked her for happiness. She thought for a while and took away whatever he had. She took away his property, children’s life and spoiled his wife’s face. One month later, she went back to him and saw him sitting helplessly by the street as a beggar, asking for someone’s donation. He had no more energy to beg for money, as his body had turned skinny. He was groaning painstakingly by the street. She then returned whatever things he had owned before. One week later, she went to see him. She saw him saying many times of thank you, because he had found his real happiness. You may feel normal for whatever you’re having now, so you’ll always ignore them and not appreciate their existence either. Until one day, when all those things disappear from your sight, you feel regret, but it’s already TOO LATE….

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